At Buoy Local®, our mission is to help create a strong local economy with vibrant downtowns by supporting the diverse independent businesses which make each community unique.

Our team regularly communicates with downtown districts, business alliances, and fellow entrepreneurs who want to learn about our program. We’ve learned that there is a strong, unmet demand for a product true in spirit to the ‘buy local’ movement.

And, while many organizations are working to promote the ‘buy local’ spirit in their community, we also know that it can be difficult to quantify these efforts in measurable dollars and cents terms. We also see numerous organizations that struggle with the accounting challenges associated with paper gift certificate programs. This is where Buoy Local can help.  Buoy Local is a mobile app-based program that helps promote local businesses by using one-of-a-kind technology to keep more money in our local communities. The Buoy Local card is linked to the mobile app and allows the cardholder to earn points in their account on every transaction they conduct with the Buoy Local card at participating local businesses. The mobile app allows cardholders to easily find locally owned businesses and see what promotions are being offered within their communities.

Our values are both socially-minded and results-oriented. With our closed-loop technology, we can serve business alliances, Chambers of Commerce, ‘local first’ and ‘buy local’ organizations, community-minded banks, Main Street organizations, and others that have existing networks of small business customers. We can work with you in many different ways from helping you sign up, adding business locations, helping with your marketing efforts, and transactional reporting. Please contact us if you'd like to begin a discussion about how Buoy Local can help bring a loyalty rewards program to your community to reward and celebrate the consumers who buy locally and support your locally-owned businesses.

Buoy Local is a program of your community-oriented bank, Bangor Savings Bank.