At Buoy Local®, our mission is to help create a strong local economy with vibrant downtowns by supporting the diverse independent businesses which make each community unique.

Our team regularly communicates with downtown districts, business alliances, and fellow entrepreneurs who want to learn about our program. We’ve learned that there is a strong, unmet demand for a product true in spirit to the ‘buy local’ movement.

While many organizations are working to promote the ‘buy local’ spirit in their community, we also know that it can be difficult to quantify these efforts in measurable dollars and cents terms. We also see numerous organizations that struggle with the accounting challenges associated with paper gift certificate programs. This is where Buoy Local can help.  Buoy Local is a mobile app-based program that helps promote local businesses by using one-of-a-kind technology to keep more money in our local communities. Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® cardholders link their card to the Buoy Local app* and they can earn points on every transaction at participating businesses. If the Buoy Local user doesn't have a Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard, they can use a Buoy Local Card and link their U.S. issued debit or credit card as the funding source to the app. The Buoy Local app* allows cardholders to easily find locally owned businesses and see what promotions are being offered within their communities.

Our values are both socially-minded and results-oriented. With our closed-loop technology, we can serve business alliances, Chambers of Commerce, ‘local first’ and ‘buy local’ organizations, community-minded banks, Main Street organizations, and others that have existing networks of small business customers. We can work with you in many different ways from helping you sign up, adding business locations, helping with your marketing efforts, and transactional reporting. Please contact us if you'd like to begin a discussion about how Buoy Local can help bring a loyalty rewards program to your community to reward and celebrate the consumers who buy locally and support your locally-owned businesses.

Buoy Local is a program of your community-oriented bank, Bangor Savings Bank.

Buoy Local Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buoy Local?

Buoy Local is a local rewards program that rewards consumers for shopping locally. Each $1 spent equals 1 point earned that you can redeem for Buoy Bucks to spend on your next transaction at a Buoy Local participating business.

How does Buoy Local work?

Consumers sign up for Buoy Local by downloading the app, linking their Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® or Buoy Local Card and shopping at participating local businesses to earn reward points. Points are redeemed back into Buoy Bucks that can only be used at participating merchants, keeping money in the local economy.

How do I enroll?
  1. Grab your BSB Debit Card or Buoy Local Card or visit a nearby branch to open a BSB checking account to receive a debit card instantly or to pick up a Buoy Local card

  2. Download the Buoy Local app*

  3. Link your BSB Debit Card or, if you’re using a Buoy Local (proxy) Card, link any U.S. debit or credit card as your funding source in the app*

  4. Start earning reward points by shopping at participating Buoy Local business

What are Buoy Bucks?

Buoy Bucks are either gifted or redeemed points. When a user has a Buoy Bucks balance and redeems it, the funds will go towards their next transaction at a participating Buoy Local Business. 

How do I earn Buoy Local points?

For every dollar that is spent at participating Buoy Local Businesses, you will earn 1 point. Points are awarded when the transaction settles, usually 1-2 days after the authorization.

How do I use Buoy Local points?

Buoy Local points are redeemed into Buoy Bucks. Users can log into their Buoy Local app, under their points balance, click Redeem and slide the dot to the right to redeem points.

Do Buoy Bucks and Buoy Local points expire?

Gifted Buoy Bucks, funds that come from a gifted card or virtual gift, do not expire.

If no transaction has been made on a Buoy Local card or Bangor Savings Bank Debit Card in 90 days, Buoy Local Points will transfer into Buoy Bucks. Once transferred, the user has 180 days to make a transaction or any Buoy Bucks from points will expire.

Can I share my Buoy Local account with another person? 

Each Buoy Local account is tied to one mobile phone number and can only be logged in on one device at a time.

How do I see how many Buoy Bucks were used or how many points were earned on a transaction?

To see how many Buoy Bucks or Buoy Points were earned on a qualifying transaction, view the transaction details page under the History tab on the Buoy Local app*.

Is there a certain amount of points I can redeem?

You can redeem Buoy Points in increments of 25 points.

If there is something incorrect regarding a transaction, how do I notify you?

Click the Report a Problem button from the transaction details page which is located under the History tab in the Buoy Local app*

How are refunds handled?

If you have switched to using a BSB Debit Card, the refunds will be posted back to the debit card (and ultimately the associated checking account) regardless of whether Buoy Bucks were used or not.

If you are using the Buoy Local (proxy) Card, refunds will be posted back in the form of Buoy Bucks regardless of whether Buoy bucks were used or not. Your Buoy Bucks balance will reflect the refunded amount.

I already use Buoy Local with my BSB debit card as a funding source, is there anything I need to do? 

Yes, you can choose to replace your Buoy Local (proxy) card with your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard. To do this:

  1. Open your Buoy Local app*

  2. My Cards from the bottom navigation of the home screen

  3. Choose Remove or Replace with BSB Debit

  4. Follow the on screen prompts

How can I get a new Bangor Savings Bank debit card? 

You can visit a Bangor Savings Bank branch or by calling Bangor Support at 1 (877) 226-4671

If I get a new BSB debit card, do I need to update it on my app*?

Yes, you will need to remove the current debit card in your Buoy Local app* and then re-link your new BSB Debit Card.

Can I link multiple BSB debit cards to my Buoy Local account? 

No, only one BSB debit card can be linked at a time.

How are my Buoy Bucks used if I switch to using the BSB debit card?

The Buoy Bucks will be deducted from your Buoy Local balance and applied as an ACH Credit Transaction to your checking account linked to your debit card. You will see the full amount of the transaction posted to your checking account the same day the ACH Credit happens.

Example: $20.00 Transaction. $5.00 in Buoy Bucks. $15.00 from BSB Debit Card. If you check your account history, you will see a $5.00 ACH Credit for Buoy Bucks and a $20.00 debit transaction posted to your account. The net amount coming out of your debit card account is $15.00.

What do I do if I lost my Buoy Local proxy card?

Go to the Buoy Local app, click on my cards and use the toggle to lock your card. Pick up a new one from a Bangor Savings Bank branch near you or by requesting a card to be sent to you by visiting

Can I have multiple funding sources tied to my Buoy Local proxy card?

Yes, you can link any U.S. based credit or debit card to be used as funding sources. Only one funding source can me marked as the primary funding source at a time.

What do I do if I have multiple Buoy Local cards?

If you have multiple Buoy Local cards you can contact the Buoy Local team for assistance on consolidating the funds or transferring funds from an old or expired card to a new Buoy Local card.

How do I sign up to be a merchant participating in the Buoy Local program?

By visiting the following URL and following the on screen prompts to enroll your business to be a participating merchant.

As a Buoy Local Business, how do I log in and see my Buoy Local statistics?

By visiting the following URL, log in with existing credentials.