Want to attract customers to your business?

Buoy Local connects businesses with local shoppers through a simple to use online marketing portal. 

Signing up is simple.

Keep your communities vibrant with fellow locally-owned businesses by joining the Buoy Local coalition. Signing up is simple.

With Buoy Local businesses throughout Maine and New Hampshire, customers have more options to buy local and more incentive to spend. Buoy Local keeps money circulating in participating locally-owned establishments.
The Buoy Local app* open on a phone
No New Terminals
No New Software
All customers driven to your business, via the Buoy Local app*, transact using a physical card - either a Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® or a Buoy Local Card. This makes it so no new hardware or software is required.
Card terminal with a Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® and a Buoy Local Card
Customers Spend More Money More Often
When customers present a physical Buoy Local Card, you simply run the card through your POS just like any other credit card transaction, and, when a customer pays with their Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard, you simply run the transaction as any other debit card transaction.
The offers tab on the Buoy Local app open on a phone
Set Up Your Business & Start Attracting Customers
It is easy to set up your account and get a listing in our app*. A few simple details are needed to create and launch your profile so that Buoy Local app* users can find your business.
Buoy Local merchant portal open on an iPad
App* Users Can View Your Business Through Their Mobile Device
To help attract customers to your business, Buoy Local app* users can view your profile details through the Buoy Local app*.
Buoy Local dashboard open on a laptop
Data & Tracking
See how your metrics are doing at any time on the Buoy Local Dashboard.