Find the Buoy Local App in the App Store® or Google Play. Download and get started. It’s fast, friendly and easy to set up.


Scan the QR code on the back of your Buoy Local Card to link your card to the App. You can also link your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® card as an additional funding source.


Swipe your Linked Buoy Local Card at the point of sale-use the app to view and redeem points, check card balance, and locate participating Buoy Local businesses.

Give the gift of options!

The Buoy Local Card is one card that can be spent at many participating locally owned businesses in our Maine communities.

Because the cards can't be spent outside of our local network, they keep more dollars circulating within our communities.

Our cards have brought several hundreds of thousands of dollars to local merchants and are 100% quantifiable for business owners.


With participating Buoy Local businesses throughout Maine, the Buoy Local Card gives you access to buy exclusively local or give the gift of local effortlessly.


The Buoy Local Card is easy, supports local businesses, and keeps our Maine communities thriving.


Buoy Local is a program of Bangor Savings Bank. The Linked Buoy Local Card features innovative security features.

You can also get a Buoy Local Card at any Bangor Savings Bank branch in Maine. Find a location near you!


Gift cards can be purchased in values of $25 to $250 per card.

There is a 10 card limit at time of purchase.

A shipping fee of $1.50 per order will be charged at checkout.

Cardholder Agreement

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