How It Works

We wanted to make gift cards matter more – matter more to the community and matter more to those who receive the card. Buoy Local® makes it easy to give the gift of local and it supports the community by being accepted only at participating locally owned shops, restaurants and businesses around Maine.

Give the gift of options!

Use some of the gift card balance at one shop and spend the rest at another. The Buoy Local® gift card is one card that can be spent at many participating independent businesses in our Maine communities.

Because the cards can't be spent outside of our local network, they keep more dollars circulating within our community.

It works, and we can prove it! Our cards have brought over several hundreds of thousands of dollars to local merchants and are 100% quantifiable for business owners.


With Buoy Local® merchants throughout Maine, this gift card gives you access to shop exclusively local or give the gift of local effortlessly.


The Buoy Local® gift card is easy, supports local businesses, and keeps our Maine communities thriving.


Buoy Local® is a community program of Bangor Savings Bank so you can feel confident about purchasing and spending these gift cards.